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Cookie Policy:

Information on Our Cookie Use

So what are Cookies?

(1) Description.

      A Cookie is a small file / piece of information that is placed in your Web Browser by the website you are viewing. The browser retains information about your viewing experience / habits and sends this information back to the website server. Different types of data cookies can be used to store various user information and preferences.
      It's important to know that cookies are merely short pieces of data. They are unable to perform any operations, access your hard drive and send back personalised data or take over your computer by themselves. The lifetime of these cookies varies from a few seconds to a number years.

(2) Why are they needed?

      Cookies are used for a multitude of reasons some of which help Web Users gain a more useful search experience when viewing a site. Other cookies are used to improve the purchasing experience when making online purchases. In most eShop systems, cookies are used to process information about your shopping basket and your site purchase history. If, for instance, you lose connection, cookies may remember the status of your order, hence preventing duplicate processing.
      On most computers, cookies are enabled by default. These little data packets are harmless and are perfectly safe to store on your system. If you choose to disable cookies using details found in your browser, most online ebasket systems will likely fail and your web browsing experience may be reduced.

(3) QTA Cookies (1)

      QTA systems uses but one cookie which essentially helps us improve our site and offer products which have a high search rate. From this cookie we are able to ascertain the following information. It is important to know that no personalised information can be recovered from individual users.
Information collected includes demographic:- domain name / IP address, country of origin, referring URL, browser and platform, which includes monitor resolution.
      Site information includes: Keywords, pages visited, site / page viewing time, number of recurring visits and viewing time per page visited.

(4) Cookie Specification.

      Name: is_unique        Domain:        Expiry: 5 years.

(5) Privacy.

      QTA never divulge any information gathered by cookies or any other means including email based information to any other third party companies.